OpenWebMail Packages for CentOS 4 + BlueQuartz

I like many of you have hosted with raq servers for a long time. When BlueQuartz was open sourced I was very excited. I used BQ+FC1 for a while and then defected to Ruby for a few months. With this CentOS version I'm back. Thus far this version has been stable and everything I use works! Nobody had created an OWM package for CentOS4 and I needed one. This is my contribution to the world.
Contact info: forhire (at) lewiscounty (dot) com

Please use the latest versions. Past packages may contain serious problems and are left online for reference only. If you are upgrading packages you must uninstall the old version prior to attempting to install the new package. All users settings/files remain unchaged during uninstall/reinstall. If you find a problem, please let me know. If you decide to include this package on another site for download please include the url of this page so the most current version can always be found.

ClamAV is optional. Installs ClamAV as a service including freshclam. Modifies openwebmail to use ClamAV. New version of the package are released as new binaries become available. You should uninstall package prior to upgrading.

The latest i386 version has been tested with the Nuonce 4.3 iso. Please update with yum before attempting to install any packages.

i386 CentOS4
BlueQuartz-CentOS4-OpenWebmail.2.51-1.009.pkg(7bd28cf651d85fb3b74ccc63d793c6c4) without SpeedyCGI

i386 CentOS3
NOTE: 2006-07-17 Due to lack of feedback I have decided to no longer support CentOS3. The version in the build log is broken. If you download and fix the package please send me the fixes so they can be made available.

x86_64 CentOS4

Other resources

NuOnce Networks has put together a great ISO for CentOS / BlueQuartz

Install guide for CentOS4 + BQ (includes ColdFusion MX 7.0 notes) centos_bq.txt

My backup script that stores backups as seperate domains like, 20060225.www.site2.tar.gz, etc. I tried but found it more complex than I wanted AND I wanted to keep my files seperate AND I wanted them tar gzipped. This allows me to move one site without dealing with a HUGE cmu dump. Let me know what you think. backup.txt

Build log

2006-08-14 Updated OWM version to 2.52-1
Updated i386 and x86_64 packages to support version 2.52-1 of OWM. Removed SSH terminal applet /var/www/data/openwebmail/applet/mindterm/mindtermfull.jar during post-install. Updated ClamAV packages to version 0.88.4-21 (2006-08-11 release).

2006-07-17 Updated ClamAV packages for OWM on CentOS4
BlueQuartz-CentOS4-ClamAV-0.88.3-19.003.pkg(83af8c2b85570e9b7cb104a66de0fbc1) (2006-07-02 release)
BlueQuartz-CentOS4-x86_64-ClamAV-0.88.3-19.002.pkg(3623956392dc1bfae6441bbef93d3615) (2006-07-02 release)

2006-03-20 CentOS3 version for i386, yet again, more fixes
Please let me know if it installs and works. Now included perl-CGI as per the install notes for RHEL3 on the OWM ftp site.

2006-03-19 CentOS3 version for i386, more fixes
Please let me know if it installs and works. Removed speedycgi. Updated .mo file to reflect CentOS version. Corrected RPM install path.

2006-03-14 CentOS3 version for i386
Initial package for CentOS3. I haven't tested this yet. Please let me know if it installs and works. Includes speedy and all updates that the CentOS4 version has.
Contains the following RPM packages. Thanks to DAG and Milan!

2006-02-22 IT'S WORKING! Re-packaged x86_64 pkg, new md5sum c9d2827697d1e166f2bc1690e789dd08
The package appears to work. I haven't heard anything bad so far. If you need OWM on x86_64 give it a shot it should work well.

2006-02-22 ClamAV for x86_64 and OWM
ClamAV for x86_64 + Openwebmail. It should work, it's modeled off the i386 package. Test and let me know.

2006-02-21 Initial build for X86_64 package. EXPERIMENTAL!
This is an initial build for OWM for the X86_64 version of BQ. I have no way to test this. THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED. Please try on NON-PRODUCTION server before using. It is built off the i386 package using x84_64 rpms. This includes speedy-cgi. If your brave please try it and let me know how it goes.
This package installs the following RPM: openwebmail-2.51-1.i386.rpm

2006-01-23 ClamAV 0.88-16 for Bluequartz/CentOS with Openwebmail
ClamAV pacakge based on rpm provided by:

2005-11-14 ClamAV 0.87.1 for Bluequartz/CentOS with Openwebmail
ClamAV pacakge based on rpm provided by:
This will automatically install, enable the clamd, freshclam services, and enable_viruscheck in openwebmail.conf
for virus checking in Openwebmail.

2005-11-13 Added SpeedyCGI support
I finally got SpeedyCGI working under CentOS. If you look back I pounded on this a few months ago without luck.
Turned out to be a change in the order that perl allows variables to be passed.
And to answer your questions, it is a LOT faster.

2005-11-12 Inserted a few more fixes into openwebmain.conf
Missing "symboliclink_mbox no" was causing issues
Relinked the logo to the owbluequartz.gif image and

2005-11-12 Fixed CR in line 8 of
Maybe this time I have it right?

2005-11-11 Updated old openwebmail.conf
The openwebmail.conf that I was using in the package was old.
I'm also working on a version of ClamAV based on RPMs from Dag.
I have them installed on my BQ box and I'm writing the installer that will start the service and run freshclam.
I'll push this out with the next release. Should I make a single pkg or keep it seperate?

2005-11-11 Fixed
If hostname was the www was being stripped leaving New line:
perl -pi -e "s/\@www\./\@/g;" /etc/mail/virtusertable.owm (escaped period Duh!)
If no calanders existed then the box admin was being e-mailed every 15 minutes due to cron failure.
Re-wrote list creation to check for the existance of prior to running update.
Enabled enable_editfrombook by default in openwebmail.conf.
If you'd rather simply fix you can use this: owusers.txt

2005-08-18 New release with updated packages (perl-Compress-Zlib and perl-Text-Iconv)
Updated RHEL4 RPMs thanks to Milan Kerslager (

2005-07-25 Corrected version number to reflect changes in BQ
At some point the CentOS version of BQ became know as 5102R instead of the generic 5100R. This package reflects that version change.
5102R : BlueQuartz Hosting Edition for CentOS 4 i386 (based on RaQ 550).

2005-05-10 Found flaw in virtusertable.owm creation
The file: /etc/cron.quarter-hourly/ wasn't creating the virtusertable.owm file
correctly if the url contained "www." as the last three chars of the domains name. Now
the replacement is looking for the "@" symbols prior to replacement. Duh!
This is the fixed string:
perl -pi -e "s/\@www./\@/g;" /etc/mail/virtusertable.owm

2005-04-28 Minor fixes
Fixed un-installer. Package now removes the openwebmail rpm properly. Corrected the pkg version number.

I've been working on SpeedyCGI support without much luck. I get this error
"The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Your administrator may not have enabled CGI access for this directory."
I've checked permissions and such... can't figure it out. Personally I don't really care about SpeedyCGI but
some people swear that it improves OWM.

2005-04-26 6:00 PM
Fixed calendar notification.

2005-04-26 Original Packages
Initial packages. They consist of the following RPMS: