Packwood Foursquare Church

PFC welcomes people from all backgrounds, regardless of where you may be in your spiritual journey.

To those seeking to discover more about Christianity. we encourage you to come and examine the claims of Christ in an friendly and encouraging setting.

To those seeking to mature in their Christian faith, we encourage you to join us as we discover how to build our lives on the promises and purposes of Christ a significant part of our own lives.

We invite you to “Come and See” for yourself how Jesus Christ can change your life. And experience the change that lasts forever!

Right off, you should know that we are a new church: we are simple in our structure and completely focused on knowing Jesus. We work at strengthening those who know Jesus and reaching those who don’t. We are a group of people who are learning to experience life to the fullest while sincerely living what we say we believe. You are invited to join us as we are getting to know the Giver of Life—Jesus.